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What if life was happening for you?

What if life was happening for you and not to you?

This concept is an incredible way to view what happens in life. I must admit at times this can be challenging especially when things don’t quite go to plan. However, the universe is powerful and provides us with opportunities to learn and grow.

What if that challenging friend or colleague, was actually bought into your life to reflect back to you your limiting belief. Maybe that limiting belief is not being good enough or not being lovable? At any given moment you could see the situation as a way to move through that belief OR.. frustrating/annoying/disempowering. It’s important to remember at this point that a limiting belief is just a story that you have found enough evidence to make true.

Having read the book on Radical Forgiveness (by Colin Tipping) recently, this has highlighted that people absolutely come into our life for a reason! We have unconsciously chosen these people to teach us more about ourselves. Sometimes, this lesson happens over and over until we get it (which can be quite the exercise!).

You might say things like.. “how do I always attract guys who don’t care” or “why do all the friends in my life never have time for me” or “I’m never good enough”. Could there be a limiting belief at the heart of this? Could the reason be that you are holding a belief that you’re not lovable for example? Could there be a belief that no one is there for me when I need them? The people in your life may be reflecting this belief back to you.

So, first of all we can’t expect others to change! We need to become aware first of the story (limiting belief) we are telling ourselves and accept our part in the journey. Maybe it’s loving yourself, maybe it is knowing that you have everything you need and that people are always there (even if they aren’t physically). Maybe it is sending love to these people for teaching you this lesson! Remember, they are an important part in your growth and experience. Colin Tipping will say once you have wholeheartedly accepted the situation, released the energy in the story and you’re willing to see that each person has been called into your life to help you uncover this story/limiting belief… Then you can completely forgive and surrender.

Could this be something you could open your mind to? Could this be something that feels more empowering? The power of the universe is pretty incredible after all!

Lauren Cox - Wholehearted Journeys

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