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Decide Your Own Reality

How we perceive reality is directed by our thoughts and beliefs. Our mind is like auto-correct on your computer. We are constantly filtering information and your mind looks for the information that match your recurring thoughts and patterns. If it doesn’t match your recurring patterns then the brain filters it out. We do this subconsciously via our reticular activating system (RAS). Now don’t worry, I’m not going into a bunch of lingo about the brain (although I really love understanding the impact at a neurological level!) but it helps to understand the basics.

Whatever we focus on becomes our idea of reality – Tony Robbins

Let’s think of a scenario.. Remember back to a time when you decided you wanted that purple convertible. At some point you decided you wanted that car and you may have even taken the step to look at your bank account to see if it was feasible. Then, all of a sudden you see this purple convertible everywhere, when previously it was once in a blue moon. This is an example of your RAS in full practice. When you focus your attention or thoughts on this one thing, all of a sudden you look for evidence everywhere (unconsciously). This is the amazing power of the mind! Your brain is now filtering information (what you see, hear, smell, touch, taste) to increase your attention to the information you’re looking for (the purple car) and this drives your behaviour.

Beliefs drive our actions and behaviour which drives our destiny – Marie Forleo.

Now, I know the purple convertible may not have been something you wanted. However, this applies to all areas of your life. If you believe “I’m not smart” or “I’m not worthy” or “I can’t lose weight” you will look for all the evidence as to why this is true. This is self-sabotage in action. Our subconscious mind is supporting your limiting beliefs by constantly filtering the information to reinforce your belief.

The incredible thing is… we can use our RAS to tune into what do YOU WANT! How about reframing that belief to “I’m learning and growing” or “I’m loved and valued” or “I’m strong, healthy and vibrant”. By setting intentions and truly believing this new story, you will look for all the evidence to make it true! You may be thinking, is it really that easy? And yes, it is! You get to choose every day, but it requires you to do just that – choose your new belief EVERY time. Make it so real that you start bring it into your life everywhere. This takes practice, it takes discipline, but you’re worth it!

Limitations live only on our minds. But if we use our imagination, our possibilities become limitless - Jamie Paolinetti

What can you do today to start using your RAS in a way that serves you?

Putting that new belief down on paper, feeling it and then telling someone about it can be the start of the shift to something better. Reach out - I’d love to hear what you’re committing to!

This is your call to action! Start re-writing your journey, create your new reality!

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