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Cleansing - detox, renew, revitalise

Have you ever been curious about cleansing? I was! What I knew about it was that it allowed time for the body to reset, enhance gut health and detox from toxins, sugar, caffeine. That was enough for me! I hadn’t prescribed to the idea of medical mediums or spirituality (although I highly respect those that do), I was doing it for the healing and revitalising aspect with a few years of gut turbulence under my belt (nothing like a dose of salmonella to throw you out!).

My cleansing experience..

I completed a 3-day cleanse coinciding with a rainforest holiday get-away. It was the perfect time to click pause on the treadmill of life and step off to feel the moment and nourish myself.

Going on this self-retreat I had this vibrant idea of a gentle detox and cleanse. It was a perfect time to soak up the sun, connect with nature, meditate and slow down with yoga. I felt I was ready… I had already dabbled in intermittent fasting (so felt like I had some experience in what I might be in for) and had weaned off coffee (not black tea – let me tell you about that later). I also have what others would call a nourishing diet filled with lots of plant-based food so I wasn’t worried about the sugar/processed food come down people sometimes experience with the cleanse. I set my intentions to connect with my body, disconnect from my overthinking, cleanse, feel vibrant and focus on gratitude. Well I was in for a treat!

As I was away, I chose a pre-prepared organic pack which included 3 juices and 3 broths each day. Psyllium husk and probiotics in morning and afternoon were also included, as well as plenty of detox tea and water. I was stocked and excited!

Day 1: Started smoothly, I was even able to watch others eat in my retreat and enjoyed my energising juice instead - staying connected with my intentions. I spent the day reading and relaxing. It was perfect… until 3pm hit! Wow, the headaches and nausea set in big time. Staying at the retreat, I was offered an energy healing session (lots of lying, soft strokes and grounding). This actually cleared most of my symptoms and I went to bed after a broth feeling content.

Day 2: I woke without any hunger cues (which surprised me!) so I had my psyllium husk and did some yoga. However, a headache was a constant friend and despite the hydration it persisted throughout the day (black tea was not a great idea – all in hindsight!). I did some self-care with the focus to give back to myself, including a body and face scrub, and meditated. The 3pm nausea invited itself back into my journey so I spent the afternoon sleeping and distracting myself with reading (initially). With fatigue present it was difficult to focus on a book so I switched to a movie. Finishing day 2, I felt a bit apprehensive about day 3 but I reconnected with my intentions set at the start of my journey.

Day 3: First day of no headache AND no nausea! Day 3 allowed me to slow down and become present (quieten my mind). I created space to enjoy restorative yoga and meditation. Someone who arrived at the retreat centre, kindly reported I was glowing (not knowing I was cleansing). This was a nice little boost for my final few hours as I slept, relaxed. Day 3 felt like a breeze and I finished the day looking forward to some nourishing food in the morning.

This cleanse really showed me the importance of getting through some of the hard days to finish feeling content and present. I felt truly proud for persisting and honouring my intentions! I have also found a new appreciation for food which requires chewing! Being a few days post cleanse now, I have found that I am able to listen to my body’s needs and learning to discover what foods truly align with it.

If you’d like to know more about my experience or explore alternate ways to shift your state of stress, please stay connected through Wholehearted Journeys on Instagram and Facebook. I’m working on something just for you!

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