Corporate Wellness

Why invest in corporate wellness?
Research shows that employees who practice mindfulness and self care strategies have:
- increased job satisfaction
- improved productivity
- reduced levels of stress and burn out
- better focus and communication
Slutsky et al, 2019; Alkema et al, 2008; Charoensukmongkol, 2013; Das, 2008, Hassed 2020
Companies with wellbeing programs also demonstrated less staff absenteeism and turn over.
Gebhardt & Crump, 1990
People are needing this more than ever! This is the perfect time to invest in your employees and the longevity of your business. Reach out now to see how Wholehearted Journeys can tailor a program to suit you and your company.

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly seminars

Seminar Topics

-Mindfulness and meditation practice

-Stress and self care

-Sleep hygiene

-Exercise to energise

-Mindset and motivation

Many more seminar options are available, tailored to your company needs. Reach out to discuss wellness options and packages. Unlock your employees potential.