Uncover your true potential!

Are you neglecting an area of your life? Do you feel depleted, overwhelmed and stuck? Are you holding yourself back from what you truly want?


You have incredible potential inside of you! I will take you through this journey AND give you all the tools you need to access your power... your GREATNESS and let it shine!


We all have one chance, one opportunity in this space and time to give life our all. Don't wait, live the life you were always meant to today!

The best time for new beginnings is now!




>> Do you feel a sense of urgency acting like an underlying current in your life? The never-ending to do list!

>> Are you constantly giving in all areas of your life?

>> Do you strive for perfection?

>> Do you have an over-active mind?

.>> Do you have a drive to always be more, and do more in all aspects of your life?


First of all I hear you! What if there was another way? What if this was holding you back from living your true potential?


Creating space to access your potential is at the heart of a coaching journey. Coaching is NOT about telling you how to live your life. Rather, I am your guide, asking you the powerful questions to unlock the answers already inside of you. Is it accessing your true greatness in...

+ your relationships

+ your career

+ your health and energy

+ your inner happiness and peace

+ your love of self and sense of value

+ your creativity

+ your inner purpose and desires

If you are looking for a sign to honour your call and bring this into your life - the time is now! STOP doing and giving in all areas of your life but abandoning yourself. This is about showing up for you - letting your light shine! I cannot wait to walk alongside you on your Wholehearted Journey


Hi, my name is Lauren Cox and I am an internationally certified life coach and founder of Wholehearted Journeys.


When I reflect on my journey, I can honestly say that 5 years ago my life was centered around urgency, and my internal value was rooted in career success. I was constantly striving yet never arriving, creating in an inner state of never enough. I embodied perfectionism which meant I was constantly pushing for senior roles in my career, research opportunities and committee positions in order to feel like “I had made it”. Yet, when these opportunities slowly started to transpire, I felt grateful, but lacked fulfilment. These feelings crept into the my personal relationships and I was in a place of scarcity and lacking connection.


Connecting to my true potential came in the form of yoga, which also sparked my joy in mindfulness and meditation practices. By being present and aware, I discovered happiness is an internal journey and not found “out there”.

Why life coaching? Swipe across to see where my journey started!


Pre Coaching Call

Committing to a coaching series can be daunting - I've been there!

That's why I offer an opportunity to connect in a pre-coaching call before jumping into a coaching series. This is a time for you to decide what feels right and whether I'm the best coach to support you to reach your goals. Creating time for yourself to connect is vital in living your best life.


One on one coaching in a 3 or 6 month series.  As your coach, my goal is to inspire you to dig deep and challenge you to grow outside your comfort zone. This is where the true growth happens!


Group work embraces connection and brings people together with a common goal of becoming their most vibrant self. Bringing a nurturing space that is soul-nourishing and wholehearted is at the centre of my workshops. It is truly inspiring, the magic a group can bring to enlighten true transformation.

Online Circles

Connect online each month with an amazing group of women to share and connect on thought provoking topics. Themes and topics vary each week but may challenge you to think deeper around self care, growth, wellness and mindfulness (just to name a few)!

Keynote Speaker

I have presented at conferences, large departments and mastermind sessions.

If you, or your company are interested in booking a session reach out now!

 Coaching Package

Your 1:1 coaching package filled with nurturing support, wholehearted connection and the loving accountability to fulfil your innermost goals includes:

+ Pre-coaching consult: complimentary 30-45min opportunity to connect and discover your vision and goals

Followed by 2 x OPTIONAL PACKAGES for one to one coaching:

+ OPTION 1: 6 sessions: fortnightly 60min coaching sessions over 3 months $599

+ OPTION 2:  12 sessions: fortnightly 60min coaching sessions over 6 months $999

Packages include email support between sessions to maintain momentum towards your goals


Client Journeys

I had some personal goals that I had put in the too hard basket because I had “tried everything” to achieve them.  I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t really know what to expect with life coaching and hadn’t prioritized it in my life. Reflecting on my experience it highlighted the fact that we invest in coaching in all other parts of our lives – careers, sports, leadership - but we don’t invest in the biggest area of “life”.

I like that coaching looks forward on how I can improve and achieve my goals, rather than looking back at the past. Lauren understood me and my goals and was able to delve even deeper into the barriers that had previously prevented me from succeeding. Shining light on this, she was able to guide me to discover solutions to achieve my goals.

Coaching with Wholehearted Journeys reignited my belief in my ability to achieve my goals and I felt like I had someone there to walk beside me - keeping me motivated and accountable. If I could sum up my experience it would be genuine, encouraging and inspiring!

Kaitlin Fitzgerald


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Being present, connected and aligned with your goals and what you want to bring into your life is at the center of a Wholehearted Journey. Explore how DoTERRA can support you to ground into your highest self.


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